ABOUT THE ARTIST Frank Frazetta was born in 1928 in Brooklyn, New York. Frazetta began drawing his own comic book around the age of six. At the insistence of his elementary teacher his parents enrolled him in the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts when he was eight. Frazetta started working for various Comics publishers from the age of sixteen. A change in direction happened in the early 60s when he started painting covers for books. His rise to stardom occured in the mid 60 when he painted covers for Warren magazines and later Conan covers for Lancer Books. He was also allowed to keep the original paintings, something unheard of before. In May 1976 Artist Magazine broke the tradition and gave Frazetta the cover feature, the first for a Fine Art magazine to feature an illustrator. Frazetta will be remember as the pioneer of the fantasy art genre who opened the gate for so many fantasy art illustrators after him. HOME  | BIO  | GALLERY  | ARTISTSNETWORKS