Free Online Art Gallery

You can create your own online art gallery at zero cost to promote and sell your arts. From the technology standpoint you have two choices: standard web page html technology or blogging software. For artists, blogging software is probably a better choice as it is more user friendly. Though you can have a web site at zero cost from monetary perspective it will cost you time. Your specific circumstances will dictate whether it is better to spend time or money for your web site.


Many companies offer free web sites, some with ads. The first thing you'll do is to use any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and look for "free web sites". You should get a list similar to the one below:

You should stay away from sites that include advertising on your page as you have no control on what type of ad would be displayed and it generally does not look professional. You want a professional looking online art gallery to showcase your art. Google Sites is a solid option and worth a look.

You should be able to use the online software to create your web site. If you wish to create the web site offline (for example if you only have online access for a limited time) you can use free or low cost HTML editors. Of course every PC comes with a free editor called Notepad but it is not very easy to design a web site with it. Get yourself a copy of AceHTML Editor or Coffee Cup HTML Editor. The best web design software for visual artists is Web Designer by Xara . There is no coding involved and it is true what-you-see-is what-you-get. It will set you back about $50 but it will free you from all the technical aspects of building a web site and allow you to create the web site offline to suit your schedule.


The two big names in blogs are WordPress and Blogger. Unlike some of the free web sites providers above these blogging services are completely free and also ads-free. These softwares are not just for blogging in the traditional sense where your posts would appear in reverse chronological order. You can create a full-blown web site using these blogging softwares.

Here is an excellent example of using the Blog format to create an online gallery and other materials to promote your arts.